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Quality Management

The ISO 9001 is the widely used international standard for quality management and is often requested by clients of for example with tenders. The standard states requirements for a proper quality management system. It helps organizations to implement and maintain quality management step by step.


Implementing ISO 9001 offers many advantages:
  • Creating a good internal organization and communication structure

  • Insight in the requirements of the different stakeholders that are important to the organization, which helps with decision making

  • Being aware of risks and opportunities in time, to help you act upon it

  • Making all internal processes clear to everyone and improve if possible

  • Complying with the requirements of customers and in doing so, increase customer satisfaction


A quality management system helps with establishing what can be improved within the organization. This benefits the quality of the service or products. And that is, in the end, the most important goal of a quality management system: continually improving your organization.

How we help you

Protify takes care of the required steps and simplifies information for your organization if you want to implement ISO 9001. Together we build the quality management system and we assist the quality manager whenever necessary.


We document everything that is required. However, we do not make unnecessary extensive reports, but provide clear and to-the-point policy documentation. This way, the documentation is useful for you to get by on your own after certification.


Want to start as soon as possible to become certified within a couple of months?  Our involved consultants have a lot of expertise and experience regarding ISO 9001 certification. For every client we make a customized offer. From consultancy, to coaching and implementation.


Would you like to know what we can do for you? Or request an offer? Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you within two (working) days.

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