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Serena de Boer- Compliance Consultant

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Serena has been working as a Risk, Compliance and Security Consultant at Protify since August 2021. She can empathize with Protify's clients like no other, because she has been a Protify customer herself in her role as quality manager at a private emergency center. Serena likes to apply her own experience to customers as well, she goes for a 9 and not an 8.5 out of 10. She wants to help customers further, think with them and advise them.

Serena has over 10 years of experience in the security world and has completed various training courses in the field of Security and Project Management. She has grown from Centralist, to Coordinator of Security up to Quality Manager with the responsibility for two teams. She discovered more and more how much fun quality management and certification is.

Because she has been a Protify customer herself and has been completely taken in by them in quality management, information security and certification, she can't wait to get started in this area for and with her customers. Serena likes to show her clients the other side of the dusty standard. Namely that it can be fruitful for you as a company.

"I like to show clients the other side of the dusty standard."

For Serena, her welcome at Protify felt like a warm bath and she immediately experienced the 'going for it ' team feeling. At Protify, she wants to further deepen her knowledge in the field of quality management, certification and information security.

From Security to Horse Husbandry

The nice thing is that Serena started her career in a completely different field, she studied Horse Husbandry. After which she started working as an independent for over a year with a training stable, where she trained young horses and gave lessons. Although she enjoyed this very much, she realized that her future lay elsewhere. Her choice fell on the Police, despite having gone through the full screening, there was a vacancy stop at the time and so she ended up in the security world.

Serena is a real family person. Whereby her daughter of almost 5 is definitely number one. She spends as much time as possible with her and does fun things together, like visiting a K3 concert. She also likes to go to the movies, out for dinner, on a terrace or to the beach with her friends.