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Getting certified for the first time is celebrated for good reason. After that, however, it requires continuous effort to stay certified. You can’t create everything once and never have another look at it. That is also why audits recur every year. You have to comply with the requirements from the standard for the entire year.


Many companies think of certification as time consuming, but also a necessity. Also, carrying out all required activities is difficult at times. To help companies stay in control of compliance and to save time, Protify developed the Protify Compliance Tool (PCT). The PCT is a SaaS solution and allows you to manage and maintain your certifications in a management system.  


What the PCT offers you:
  • One integrated framework with multiple certification schemes, therefore the tool is easily scalable if you want to implement more schemes in the future.  

  • Efficiently managing and maintaining all documentation. For example, it’s easy to create new versions or to view older versions.  

  • Add registrations in simple steps via dynamically build forms that are based on the requirements from your organization. Data from one registration are used automatically as input for various other forms. And moreover, most registrations are shown in clear graphs. This allows you to see the status of the registrations at a glance.

  • A total overview with all required measures (actions) that are needed to stay in control. In addition, a real-time dashboard with all measures ensures that you can manage the workload in a timely manner.

  • The complicated texts from the standard are transformed into clear and concise tasks. We avoid professional jargon, because eventually you just want to know what you need to do, right?

  • Via automatic trigger e-mails employees are informed when they have to carry out an action or task. This person indicates when the task is completed, hence there is always an up-to-date overview of the open actions and tasks.

  • Monthly reports to inform management about the status of the management system.

  • The PCT is license based, depending on the number of employees of the organization. Due to the tool being very user friendly, it is suitable for all employees.

  • The tool is always accessible, as it works both on desktop and mobile.


Due to all clear overviews you immediately know whether you are in control of certification or not. And, of course, we are always available to help you.


Would you like to know more about the PCT? Contact us via the contact form below and request a demo.


Which schemes are available in the PCT?


  • ISO 27001

  • ISO 22301

  • ISO 9001

  • EN 50518

  • NEN 7510

  • EN 50136*

  • VdS 3138*

  • ISAE 3402*

  • ISO 31000*

  • BC 5701*

  • ISO 27701*

* in development​

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