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Security consultancy

Security Consultancy

Risk management is a growing priority for many companies. Controlling risks is very important, because threats may have severe effects on the profitability, continuity and reputation of an organization. We support our clients with making threats manageable in a practical way, such as implementing unauthorized and authorized activity systems.  We offer a systematic approach for creating an appropriate risk management framework.


Protify performs a risk analysis to assess the current situation. This risk analysis allows us to establish whether the combination of organizational, structural, electronic, and information security measures (OSEI) is being applied appropriately to reduce risks.


In addition, Protify carries out compliance audits. These audits concentrate on establishing whether a company meets the required standards and/or regulations. 

IT Security Services

As the versatility and usefulness of digital IT facilities grow, so does the possibility of incidents. Internal and external IT threats are commonplace. One weakness in the security of a network can incapacitate a company for days, for example because of a hack of sensitive company information. Securing a company network and preventing risks save significant expenses. We offer companies an understanding of the risks concerning information security.


Protify is a discussion partner when it comes to taking preventive measures to improve security solutions. 


It is not just the correct IT infrastructure that helps keep out dangerous issues. Selecting the appropriate IT security solution is not enough anymore. By examining the security policy and implementation of control measures on a regular basis, we reduce the risks. Protify has extensive experience with creating information security policies, and offers a complete package of solutions.

We also support clients with vulnerability scans. Sometimes these scans are required for compliance, for example for the EN 50518 and GDPR

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