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Alarm- en Videotoezichtcentrales

Alarm and Video Surveillance Centers

The Ministry of Justice & Security sets strict requirements under the Private Security Organizations and Investigation Agencies Act (WPBR) for private emergency centers and video surveillance centers. In fact, as an alarm center or video surveillance center you are obliged to comply with the CCV PAC certification scheme or the European standard EN50518 before you receive a license to start an alarm or video surveillance center. In addition, there are a number of certificates with which you can distinguish yourself from your competitor as an alarm or video surveillance center, for example in the field of information security or business continuity.


Protify is THE collaboration partner for alarm and video surveillance centers. We offer project management for the construction and renovation of existing and new emergency centers. We supervise the construction process and ensure that the emergency center complies with all relevant laws and regulations. In addition, we help with the security plan of emergency centers and we support in processes. Because we have years of experience in this field, we know the best way to organize the processes. We advise and help you implement the most suitable solution.


In addition to guidance in (re) construction of alarm and video surveillance centers, protify also supports the setting up and implementation of the management system, as required in the EN 50518: 2019 version.


Why choose Protify?
  • Years of experience;

  • Personal involvement of our consultants;

  • Clear language and documentation;

  • Every assignment is tailor-made for us.  


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