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Protify helps companies with certification and meeting laws and regulations. We help you with all the required steps, from implementation to organizing and maintaining processes in the organization. We do so on a project basis, by offering Managed Services and delivering compliance software. Protify helps clients with implementation and control measures, so that they are ready for certification. We offer our services for the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, NEN 7510, ISO 31000, EN 50518, CCTV/VMS Surveillance Centre or BRLK21024 Installer and Construction Site Security.


Due to a lack of knowledge or time, many organizations do not meet the requirements set by, for example, governments and insurance agencies. What can we do about this? The experienced consultants of Protify help companies establish company processes and take inventory of the (obligatory) documents already present and those still missing. This results in a consult concentrating specifically on your company. Support during the implementation of the required documentation and the certification process is also a task for our consultants. Our proven approach allows companies to meet the relevant requirements in no time.

Our Approach


Before we start with a project, we want to get to know you. During an intake we decide what you need, we look at what is possible and what we can do for you.


We carry out a GAP analysis to compare the desired situation with the current one. By making use of a GAP we make an informed decision about the scope of the project. 


After the scope is determined with a GAP analysis, we provide you with a customized Project Initiation Document. This document contains the entire outline of the project, including the goal, description of the roles and responsibilities and planning. 


To make sure you are ready to receive a certificate for your standard of choice, we carry out internal audits. We also assist our clients during audits with the certification institute.


Once the Project Initiation Document is approved, we start with the project. We take the necessary steps to realize the desired situation. More often than not this means complying with relevant laws and regulations. 


Besides projects, we also offer Managed Services to our clients. With this service contract Protify assists you during the year with managing your compliance, internal audits and support during the external audit. We use the ProActive Compliance Tool, to keep track of your compliance.

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