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GAP analysis

Before you set up a management system, you first want to know what the current status of the organization is. This often gives you a good idea of ​​how much work you still have to do before you are compliant. A zero measurement or GAP analysis can help you with this. A GAP analysis makes it clear where you currently stand in relation to the requirements set in the standard. A GAP analysis can be performed for almost any standard. Protify can support your organization in performing a GAP analysis for ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and EN 50518.

GAP-analyse ISO 27001 en ISO 22301

Every certification project starts with a GAP analysis. This gives us a good idea of ​​how the organization is doing at the start of the project. In addition to a GAP analysis in a certification project, you can also contact us to perform a separate GAP analysis, after which you can set up an ISMS or BCMS yourself.

How does a GAP analysis work:

  • During the analysis, we conduct discussions with stakeholders and assess existing ISMS documentation. This can be done both on location and remotely. Topics covered include organizational context, risk management, IT, personnel, customers and suppliers.

  • Afterwards, we draw up a detailed report describing the possible 'GAPs' or shortcomings to meet the requirements of the standard. In addition to these findings, we also advise you on the measures to be taken to meet the requirements of the standard.

  • We discuss the report and explain it extensively.

We can perform the GAP analysis itself within 1 working day. You will receive the report no later than two weeks after the GAP analysis has been carried out and you can, independently or not, start drawing up your ISMS or BCMS.

GAP-analysis EN 50518

Due to the unique nature of an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), Private Alarm Center and Video Surveillance Center, they must be designed as the strongest link in the security chain. There are strict rules regarding the design of an alarm or video surveillance center to reduce the likelihood of an attack and to limit the consequences of an attack. In addition, alarm and video surveillance centers must also have a management system that supports the management of their activities. During the GAP analysis for the EN 50518 the focus is on two parts; architectural and the implemented management system within the organization.


What to expect from a GAP analysis for EN 50518:
  • One of our consultant visits the site (whether or not yet to be built) and conducts a site survey there, conducts interviews with stakeholders and assesses documents regarding the construction and systems, if available.

  • A very detailed report will follow on the current construction of the building and any 'GAPs' or shortcomings compared to the standard. In addition to these findings, we also advise you on the measures to be taken to be compliant.

  • Part of the report is an investment indication so that you have a direct insight into the costs that are required for the alarm or video surveillance center to comply with the requirements of EN 50518. In order to deliver a detailed budget, we coordinate these estimates with suppliers.

  • We discuss the report and explain it extensively.

​Would you also like to know how your organization is doing in relation to the requirements of the standard and can you use our help in this? Then contact us!

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