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Many software suppliers are already unconsciously involved in information security and security is often already on the agenda. Especially when it concerns an application that is being developed in which sensitive data or personal data are processed. Questions that are asked are for example:

  • How have you set up your development areas?

  • Who has access to production environments?

  • Which authorizations have been set?

  • How do we ensure that data is backed up and that these backups are complete?

  • What is our cryptography policy?

These are just a few questions that you as a software supplier should think about. The preparation and implementation of an ISMS helps with this. During the preparation of the ISMS, all requirements are discussed that you as a software supplier have to think about when it comes to the reliability, integrity and confidentiality of information.

Certification helps to make processes transparent, consistent, manageable and controllable. Protify has already guided many software suppliers to certification. After that we are ready for you. With our managed services we support in maintaining the management system and we ensure that the organization continues to meet the requirements.

Why choose Protify?
  • Years of experience;

  • Personal involvement of our consultants;

  • Clear language and documentation;

  • Every assignment is tailor-made for us.  


  • Project management construction

  • GAP analysis

  • Certification

  • Managed services


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