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Particuliere Alarmcentrales EN 50518

Alarm Receiving Centers

Alarm receiving centers in The Netherlands receive a license from the government to operate. To receive a license, alarm receiving centers have to comply with relevant legal and standard requirements.

EN 50518

The EN 50518 is the European standard for alarm receiving centers, and in The Netherlands it also applies to security surveillance centers since April 2019. It applies to organizations that receive, handle and assess alarm signals generated by alarm systems. There are requirements for construction, IT, systems and processes.


The newest version of the standard has been published in August 2019. Would you like to know what changed? Read our blog articles in which we discuss the latest news regarding EN 50518, such as the most important differences between the old and new version of the standard. 

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How we help you

Protify offers project management for the (re)construction of existing and new alarm receiving centers. We guide the construction process and ensure that the alarm receiving centers complies with all legal and standard requirements. We advise the contractor and create a construction archive with all relevant documents, such as the certificates for fire resistance and details about the entrance lobby doors.


Besides assisting with construction, we also help with the security plan of the alarm receiving center. All security systems, such as access control, CCTV and fire detection, must be installed correctly. We provide the necessary information to installers, so they know how to properly install the security systems. We also help our clients with documenting the security systems properly, to ensure that everything is ready for the external audit. These documents are, among other things, certificates of systems, diplomas of installers, a statement of work and a camera plan.


What is more, we help our clients with the processes of the alarm receiving center. We know how to efficiently and correctly implement the best standard operating procedures, due to our years of experience in the field and extensive knowledge of the law and standards. We give customized advice and help you with implementing the best solution. We also document all processes in a manual, so you can use it after implementation as well.


For every client we make a customized offer. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you within two (working) days. 

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