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Hans Klijsen- Trainee in Integral Security Studies

Hans Klijsen started his graduation internship at Protify in early February for his Integral Security Studies degree. He has just completed the Information Security minor. Even though many people call the policy side and consultancy less 'sexy', that is precisely where his interests lie. He likes and really wants to help companies and people and see how they can apply ISO standards and compliance in their organisations.

Besides his studies, Hans was a lifeguard on Texel for three summers, loves sports; boxing, running and swimming, as well as cooking.

Information security: maturity model

Hans has just completed his Information Security minor from his Integral Security Studies at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and has now enthusiastically started his graduation at Protify for the next six months. Primarily, as part of his graduation, Hans will support Protify in various areas and also conduct a research project. 'It is different from the age-old thesis, but now divided into five parts: Analyse a problem, agenda the problem to Protify, design measures, implement and evaluate.' Hans wants to focus on level where companies are in the maturity model. Sometimes it is more difficult for a consultant to give advice to one company than another. Therefore, Hans is going to analyse why there is a difference in terms of information awareness within an organisation and how to ensure that this level goes up, so that an organisation reaches the desired level.

Has Google been listening in?

'I wondered if Google was listening in 😊 because via LinkedIn I saw the vacancy for the internship at Protify. I immediately thought, this internship is tailor-made for me. Many people from my study find installing firewalls and hacking the 'cool' side. I find it more interesting to look at consultancy and policy, is a company even suitable for ISO standardisation? How can I make sure they possibly become fit for this, by helping them.' Hans started talking to Danielle de Vaal and that immediately appealed to him how Protify likes to really help people, in clear language and 'no nonsense'.

Hans has just finished his first week at Protify and is in the middle of his onboarding process. Danielle takes a couple of hours every day to familiarise him with the various systems in which Protify works, who does what and why, and he has also been given some of his own work. For instance, Hans has adapted some articles for the new standard for ISO 27001 in a system and was allowed to participate in the internal audit.

'I learnt more in the first five days at Protify, than in the last six months at school.'

Lifeguard on Texel

Hans goes to a boxing school twice a week, runs by himself and usually goes swimming on Saturdays. The fact that Hans is so sporty came in handy, as he has been a lifeguard on Texel for the past three summers. There he was interned for nine weeks and it gave him a lot of satisfaction, luckily there was a good balance, besides rescuing people, there was definitely room for a party too.

Besides sports, Hans likes to cook and his 15 flatmates in his student house are very happy with that. He prefers to make a simple pasta with a piece of salmon.


'My first impression is immediately good at Protify. It is a close-knit team with young and committed people. I like the fact that we have lunch together and go for a walk. Then you also get to know each other better.' Hans hopes to start working at Protify after graduation, he likes this practical world and it gives him a lot of satisfaction. 'Protify serves many different customers and I would like to help with that.'

Are you also looking for a versatile (graduation) internship where you can really get to work, just like Hans?

Do contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


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