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Jean Ahmad- intern Security Management

Jean Ahmad joined Protify as an intern at the end of August 2021, she is working on applying the maturity model within the ISO 27001 standard for Information Security. Jean is a young lady with a mission, who soon knew that she would like to be involved in crisis management, counter-terrorism and information security. That is why she chose the HBO education Security Management. In addition, she can also dance, play the piano, preferably Einaudi, and does fanatic karate.

At a young age Jean liked to watch airport security programs and got interested in custom security. The interest grew further to security and people; she would like to take away the evil. A beautiful pursuit.

The maturity model within ISO 27001

To give substance to her third-year internship assignment, she is focusing on applying the maturity model within ISO 27001 for Protify. In addition, Jean is working on processes for clients, collaborating on the ProActive Compliance Tool and gaining a lot of new information and knowledge. At Protify she already gets more insights and applications, because she can now really watch, she really learns something, things you can't take away from a book or the internet. She is already looking forward to going along to an actual audit.

Jean notices that Protify really helps clients and motivates them to take up the certification processes and implement them in their own plans. And that there is much more work done than she expected, we really want to make the process easier for our clients and make it more fun!

"I am super happy with my internship position!"

Besides her full-time internship at Protify, Jean likes to spend time with her friends. She also loves music, she plays the piano, where the somewhat modern classical music is her preference, especially Einaudi. She also enjoys singing and dancing and is an avid karate student.

At the end of January 2022 Jean will finish her internship assignment of 20 weeks, but she has already discovered that she would like to contribute to Protify. Perhaps by offering help in the support department. Because Jean is very clear: "I am super happy with my internship!"

Are you also looking for a fun and versatile internship just like Jean?

Please contact Danielle de Vaal.


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