Informatiebeveiliging in de zorg NEN 7510

Information Security For Health Care

Information security for the health care sector is of societal importance. It is unacceptable that, for example, personal details of patients fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, the Dutch law requires that information security must be applied in the health care sector. The NEN 7510 standard can be used for this.


The NEN 7510 standard is based on the ISO 27001 standard and describes which measures can be taken to properly protect patient details in the health care sector. A certificate shows that medical information is handled in a confidential, careful and appropriate way. Organizations with a NEN 7510 certificate comply with legal requirements for patient details and tender requirements.


Why certify according to NEN 7510?
  • Security risks are analyzed, so your organization can control them on time.

  • It provides a practical framework on how to implement information security according to the (legal) requirements for the Electronic Patient Record.

  • It shows to health insurance companies and patients that medical details are handled in a careful way. This increases the trustworthiness of your organization.

  • It helps to reduce security risks.


Protify has a lot of experience with implementing NEN 7510 and ISO 27001. Both standards cover some of the same requirements. If you choose to certify for both standards, we realize this for you in a short amount of time. Would you like to know more about what we can do for your organization? Would you like to certify according to NEN 7510 or ISO 27001, or both? Please contact us. 

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