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Protify offers support for various standards. Please see below for some examples of the standards we have a lot of experience with. 


For every client we make a customized offer based on what is requested. From consultancy to implementation, we offer what you need.

Our Standards

Kwaliteitsmanagement ISO 9001
Quality Management
ISO 9001
Informatiebeveiliging ISO 27701
Information security
ISO 27701
Particuliere Alarmcentrales NEN 50518
Alarm Receiving Centers
EN 50518
Business Continuity Management ISO 22301
Business Continuity Management
ISO 22301
Risicomanagement ISO 31000
Risk Management
ISO 31000
Uitbesteding ISAE 3402
ISAE 3402
Informatiebeveiliging ISO 27001
Information Security
ISO 27001
Informatiebeveiliging in de zorg NEN 7510
Information security for healthcare
NEN 7510
Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming
General Data Protection Regulation

Our branches

Alarm- en videotoezicht centrales
Alarm- en videotoezicht centrales

About Protify

Grip op compliance

Protify is the place to go to for certification and expertise regarding quality management, information security and risk management. We help you with the necessary steps and simplify the information about certification and compliance standards.

Even though we are not a major consultancy firm, we are very flexible and work in a lot of different countries. We have recently carried out projects in The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France. 

And just so you know, we are also ISO 27001 certified! This means that we always handle your information in a secure way. We work according to our own information security policy and the required laws and regulations. 

The ambitious colleagues of Protify are known for their professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm. Our involvement and accessibility ensure that we quickly get to the core of the issue. 

Want to know more about the team? They gladly introduce themselves to you. 














Protify works for companies such as Verisure, Trigion and Xiphos, and we are proud of that. We work in different sectors and therefore we know what is going on. With our knowledge and experience we quickly get a feel for what is needed within an organization. Here are some of our references. 






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